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Ray LoCascio, C.Ht.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice located in Corona, California, I look forward to helping you learn to relax and unleash your own powerful positive motivation. Together we can change unwanted habits, build self esteem and achieve your goals. You can enjoy and experience life without any unnecessary challenges.

Some common issues that can be treated with hypnosis include:

* Sleep

*Weight Management

*Self Control

*Smoking Cessation

*Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques

*Improving Sleep Habits

*Focus / Drifting Attention

*Goals and Motivation

*Sports Success Patterns

*Fitness Motivation

*Students Test Anxiety

*Fear of Flying

With your Physician's/ Healthcare Professional's referral;

*Pre and Post Surgery Hypnotherapy-

generally reducing stress, while lowering anesthesia and pain medication requirements, often shortening recovery time and reducing discomfort.

*Pain Management Hypnotherapy-

management and control of chronic pain conditions often significantly reducing the

need for drugs and without negative side effects.

* Anxiety, insomnia, Depression, Attention Deficit

* Certified Specialist: Trauma Recovery and PTSD

We work with your physician. Any change

in medication as prescribed is only done by your medical professional after consultation and examination.

My schedule is busy and always changing. Since I am often in session or leading a group workshop, it is likely that incoming calls will be directed to my receptionist or voice mailbox. Please leave a message and I will speak with you as soon as possible. I am looking forward to helping you very soon.

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